[selected works]


NEW WORK  [in progress]
for ensemble; commissioned by the Nieuw Ensemble

NEW WORK  [in progress]
for ensemble

[Tran{s]cene}  [in progress]
for orchestra

[de]construction – SoundScripts I-III (花形)  [2013 – 2014]
for 12 performers

Sheng-Ci (伶人聲戲)  [2012]
for chamber orchestra

Samsara in Sound (聲之輪迴)  [2009/2012]
for thirteen performers

Points and Disintegration (滲染)  [2007/2009]
for flute, violin, viola, and contrabass


– SOLO & DUO –

Political Language (政治語言) [2015]
[improvisation/various short pieces] for soprano saxophone or clarinet

5 moments / of / a[n un]particular day / of / [that imaginary kid of] mine  [2015]
for flute and violin

Ιανός II  [2013 – 2014]
for violin solo

Things Hoped For, Things Unseen (意嚮之際)  [2012]
for electric/amplified harp, electronics, and projected video

Beyond the distance, between the souls (在距離之外,於靈魂之間)  [2011]
for percussion solo and electronics

The Ritual for Time I – Chants (為時間的祭典 – 複詠)  [2011]
for two pianos

The Ritual for Time II – Starry Dance (為時間的祭典 – 繁星織舞)  [2011]
for two pianos

Timelapse / Gesture (微時/姿態)  [2011]
for viola solo

Im Krebsgang 1st rev. (蟹行)  [2008-2009]
for oboe and prepared piano



On the Fringe  [2015-2016]
for 6 voices, 2 pianos, 2 percussion, and computer music 

Madhye II  [2015]
for 6 voices & surround-sound computer music

Upon the River of Light (水鏡。映光)  [2015]
for mixed choir

Madhye (於境默聲)  [2013]
for three sopranos, mixed choir, electronic music, and projected video

Le Voyage (旅)  [2008]
for two female voices and chamber ensemble



On The Fringe  [2015]
Ambisonic (full-sphere) computer-realized sounds; commissioned by SEAMUS

Hidden Dimension  [2010]
computer-realized sounds

Collision  [2010]
computer-realized sounds