Taiwanese composer Shih-Wei Lo creates music that involves acoustic instruments, voice, digital media, mechatronic art, and interdisciplinary collaboration, among others. His work is often informed by the diverse articulations of time and space in various domains such as art, literature, culture, and politics, and may be viewed as a process of transfiguring these into music, providing the audience with a contemplative medium. His recent projects are highly involved with research and exploration of issues such as identity, sexuality, gender, and ethnic studies.

Currently a Dean’s Fellow in GSAS at Columbia University, Shih-Wei is pursuing a DMA in Composition under the tutelage of Georg Friedrich Haas and George Lewis. He earned his MM in Composition from the University of Washington, where he worked with Huck Hodge and Juan Pampin, and also taught at the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS). Prior to the graduate studies in the United States, he studied with Ching-Wen Chao and Kris Falk at National Taiwan Normal University, receiving his BFA in Music Theory and Composition.

Shih-Wei has worked with renowned musicians and ensembles such as violists Frank Brakkee and Melia Watras, harpists Miriam Overlach and Shannon Chieh, the Atlas Ensemble, the Nieuw Ensemble, Silbersee (VocaalLab), and Taipei Chamber Singers, among others. A nominee for Gaudeamus Award 2016, he was recently awarded First Prize in the ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Competition as well as Honorable Mention in the 2015 American Composers Forum’s National Composition Contest; he also received First Prize and Audience Award in the Dutch Harp Festival and Composition Contest 2014. Being the only young composer who received the Studying Abroad Fellowship twice from the Ministry of Education in Taiwan, he has won national prizes in competitions such as The Voices of Taiwan held by the National Theater Concert Hall and the Literature and Art Creation Awards held by the Ministry of Education. Recent conferences and workshops include the Gaudeamus Muziekweek and Academy 2016, International Computer Music Conference 2016, Atlas Festival 2014 in Amsterdam, the 40th ICMC joint with the 11th Sound & Music Computing conference (SMC), and the 28th Asian Composer League Conference and Festival in South Korea.


作曲家羅仕偉近年來致力於科際整合領域藝術的研創與合作,結合器樂、人聲、電子音樂、數位媒介與機電藝術裝置。目前他正於美國紐約哥倫比亞大學(Columbia University)攻讀作曲博士學位,隨作曲家Georg Friedrich Haas與George Lewis學習。先前就讀位於西雅圖之華盛頓大學(University of Washington)音樂研究所,接受Huck Hodge與Juan Pampin的指導,並於該校數位藝術與實驗媒體中心(Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media, DXARTS)之中從事教學與研究工作。於國立台灣師範大學音樂系就讀期間師事趙菁文教授以及Kris Falk。

羅仕偉曾多次與知名音樂家和樂團合作並受邀為其寫作,如荷蘭新室內樂團Nieuw Ensemble中提琴家Frank Brakkee、華盛頓大學中提琴教授Melia Watras、國家交響樂團豎琴首席解瑄、十方樂集、台北室內合唱團、阿姆斯特丹Atlas Ensemble等。他曾二度獲得教育部留學獎學金(99及103學年度),並贏得2014荷蘭豎琴音樂節暨作曲比賽首獎與2015美國電聲音樂協會(SEAMUS)作曲比賽首獎;同時他也在兩廳院舉辦之2009-2010「樂典」國人音樂創作甄選與教育部文藝創作獎中獲頒獎項。近期參與之研討會以及論壇包括荷蘭阿特拉斯音樂節(Atlas Festival)、第四十屆國際電腦音樂研討會(International Computer Music Conference)、西雅圖交響樂團舉辦之John Adams 作曲家工作坊、十方樂集「台灣現代音樂論壇(三十)」和2009亞洲作曲家聯盟音樂節之台灣青年作曲家代表。