Things Hoped For, Things Unseen 意嚮之際 [2012] 8’20”
for electric/amplified harp, electronics, and projected video


April 2, 2012 | National Concert Hall, Taipei | Shannon Chieh, harp; Martin Jarmick, video

Things Hoped For, Things Unseen is dedicated to the Principal harpist of the Taiwan Philharmonic, Shannon Chieh, for her concert “La Vie sans Frontières,” which was held to evoke attention toward the death penalty, an issue that has caused numerous discussions and arguments in Taiwan. The ultimate goal of those debates, however, is to gain the consensus to support human rights as well as to respect life. This process, changing from discrepancy to concurrence, serves as the main spirit of this piece, in which the harp and the electronic music encounter, interact, settle, and move together toward the same direction sonically.

For the electronic music, most materials are drawn from the live recordings of harp performance by Megan Bledsoeto be processed in the programming language “SuperCollider.” Additionally, through ATS (Analysis, Transformation and Synthesis), the components of the recording samples can be further separated and then synthesized.

For the performance of Things Hoped For, Things Unseen, three versions of electronics are available: (1) 3-D full-sphere layout, (2) 2-D horizontal-only surround layout, and (3) stereo playback done by UHJ.